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Train employees with ilmX for business

Our employee training modules empower organizations to nurture productive and empathetic employees.

Employee training with ilmX

Workplace Essentials

An off-the-shelf library of engaging courses designed specifically for Pakistani workplaces.

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Enabling organizations to adapt to changing workplace dynamics

Employee training

Educate employees on basic workplace behaviour

Organizational values

Build shared values across the organization


Buffer your organization from future liabilities

Cost-effective training

Replace costly and
time-consuming trainings

Compliance training

Fulfill compliance and policy requirements

People-centric courses


Short and highly-immersive courses designed with your people strategy at the core. Employee training with 100% online courses allows employees to access the content anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Localized training

Localized content

With a focus on continuous improvement along with language options, our courses are developed by industry experts and subject matter experts with local case studies and experiences adapted to Pakistani workplaces.

Personalized learning

Dynamic approach

Our modular self-paced courses champion flexibility and personalized learning through videos, local case studies, and scenario-based learning to drive learning outcomes.

Compliance policies

Smart personalization

Every employee training addresses your organization’s very specific challenges and policies, helping you prepare your team on safety protocols specific to your needs and existing compliance policies.

Affordable employee training


With charges covering only a fraction of conventional onsite training and paid corporate courses, we offer learning and development opportunities that don’t dent your pockets.

Training efficiency

Enhance employee training effectiveness

With robust tracking and reporting in all risk areas, training managers can stay on top of organizational knowledge gaps and identify compliance pitfalls.

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