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  • Business Ethics: Compliance and Confidentiality

Business Ethics: Compliance and Confidentiality

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About this training

When we see the phrase “workplace essentials,” we may think undeniably of the many workplace policies, procedures, and documentation filled with rows upon rows of important but indecipherable text. In this training, we’re going to empower you with the necessary vocabulary, concepts, and situations that you need to know to understand those documents yourself, no matter which workplace you belong to! Non-compete agreements and NDAs are going to make a whole lot more sense after this training.

What’s more, you’ll be given a series of scenarios and exercises to hone your judgment about tricky workplace problems, so that you can understand them in a safe, no-consequence environment before having to thrust yourself out into the complexities of an actual job.

Learning Objectives and Outcomes

By the end of this training, you will be able to:

  1. Identify the different kinds of risks, cyberthreats, and vulnerabilities that can make users susceptible to attacks.
  2. Understand the need for following information security principles.
  3. Assess your behavior as safe or unsafe as according to information security principles.
  4. Install and effectively use online and offline security tools.
  5. Follow best practices regarding information security solutions to keep their personal and organizational data safe.

Offered Byپیشکش



  • Start Dateتاریخِ آغاز
  • Languageزبان English


What are the basics?

The basics are always a good place to start! We’re going to give you the fundamentals to understand policies in the following units:

  • What is business ethics?
  • What are policies?
  • What are stakeholders?
  • What is sensitive data?
  • 20 minutes to complete

How do we avoid breaching policies?

As we move towards an understanding of why breaches are bad, we need an informed understanding of how certain key policies relate to workplace actions. We’ll be exploring that and more, in the following units:

  • NDA, Non-compete, and Conflict of Interest
  • Differences between Non-compete and Non-disclosure
  • Staying NDA and Non-compete compliant
  • Consequences of breaching a policy
  • 16 minutes to complete

What if it’s too late?

What happens if you notice someone else breaching a policy? Should you steer clear of trouble, hoping no one ever notices? Or should you immediately notify management? We tackle tough questions such as those, in this next unit:

  • How do you report a policy violation?
  • 5 minutes to complete

Wrapping up

Before we finish the training, we leave you with some essential resources that can help you in your quest to become confidently compliant, in the following units:

  • Useful resources
  • Farewell
  • 5 minutes to complete

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The passing grade is 70% on the final assessment of the course, which is given some time after you’ve finished the course itself.
Yes, you will receive a printable version of the certificate in a PDF form! It will contain your name, and the name of the training you’ve completed.
Yes, it is 100% online. You cannot take the course in an offline format.
Yes, you will be able to access the course material. However, the scores for your assessments, and completion rates for course materials, will not change.