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Pakistan Against Workplace Harassment

Building inclusive and safer workplaces
across Pakistan.

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Workplace Essentials

Enabling organizations to adapt to changing workplace dynamics


Educate employees on basic workplace behaviour


Build shared values across the organization


Buffer your organization from future liabilities


Replace costly and
time-consuming trainings


Fulfill compliance and policy requirements

Frequently Asked Questions

What is #PakistanAgainstWorkplaceHarassment?
With the current social climate, the prevalence of workplace harassment has unfortunately increased, in all types of organizations. We all have a responsibility in building awareness and taking action in actively preventing it. #PakistanAgainst WorkplaceHarassment is an initiative by ilmX. Through this campaign, we’ve made our Preventing Workplace Harassment training available for free for all organizations. Our goal is to spread the word and to help you train your employees with the basics of professional and ethical workplace behavior in these ever-changing times to create a safe space for all employees.
The Preventing Workplace Harassment training, designed by subject matter experts and in accordance with Pakistani laws, is available for free forever i.e. with no setup or subscription fee.
To register your organization for the Preventing Workplace Harassment training please fill out the form on our website and our team will be in touch with you. Your organization can be up and running in only a week’s time!